"Last week it arrived and was perfect !  The Chevalet of my dreams ! Beautifully crafted exact in all dimensions and ready to put together.  Less then two hours after opening the box, I was sawing marquetry on a fully functional Chevalet"

W. Patrick Edwards  ASFM 

                             Suki Kumei 

" I would like to report on my experience with David and his Chevalet kit.  First Dave is quick to respond to any questions.  He also obviously desires to make the whole experience as positive as possible.  At one point he even volunteered to deliver the kit himself, a round trip of 500 or 600 miles.  The kit was made specifically for my height.  The whole kit is of the hightest quality with the  parts fitting together like a glove.  After the sale Dave  is always available for questions and will do the research to make sure you get the right answer.  I can't say enough good about Dave as a business man or as a woodworker.  I imagine the quality of these kits will meet the expectations of the most discriminating professional or hobbyist.  I had already built a chevalet and have been using it with success but was never completely satisfied with it. Based on Patricks comments I thought I would give Dave a try.  I am completelly satisfied and consider the money well spent.  This kit is 100% "


The chevalet blueprint I acquired from American School of French Marquetry some years ago has been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust; the task of realizing the blueprint turned out to be too daunting for my very limited wood crafting tools.  So it was a dream come true for me that Patrick Edwards of ASFM persuaded David to produce chevalets based on the blueprint.  As soon as I learned about it on Patrick’s blog I ordered one.  Here is my review on David’s chevalet.


First on the chevalet.


It arrived in a very sturdy crate, all parts securely packed. After spreading them on a workbench I couldn’t be impressed more; packing itself was a work of art.


With assembly manual in hand, I assembled in one afternoon.  All joints were snug fit and tight so much so that no gluing was necessary. Absolutely no wobbling was experienced.  This is very important because I want to disassemble it and take it with me for long holiday.


Next on the service.


Communication with David has been excellent before the order, during the production and after the delivery.  He accommodated my requests on wood selection, styling details and riser seat; he provided me with helpful suggestions and advices.  He kept me informed on production progress by email with photos, which I found very assuring.  I have had some adjustment issues and David’s response has been prompt and always to the point.


I am a very satisfied customer and David’s chevalet and his service deserve definitely five stars.

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