How to order

     Start by providing the answers to the following highlighted questions  and recording them on the order form in step one below 

Question 1:

     When ordering, the first question is: The size of the chevalet. This is measured in centimeters from the top of the seat to the small dent between the ends of you collar bones called the Suprasternal Notch. 











     The best size for the worker is determined by where the saw blade sits relative to the body when the worker is sitting normally  or relaxed,  on the bench. The saw blade should be at about the same height as the base of the neck, or the Suprasternal Notch (shown above). The reason is that to adjust the saw blade tension the worker pulls the frame together with his arm, pressing the knob of the saw against his shoulder. Thus, it should be low enough for that to be comfortable. At the same time, it needs to be high enough for the worker to see the blade in front of his eyes when sawing.  The photo below shows  the proper fit -note the blade is pointed directly at the base of the throat or Suprasternal Notch

suprasternal notch .png

Question 2

     As we make the Chevy in both right and left handed models, we need to know if you are right

or left handed.  


Right handed 

Left handed 

Question 3

     And the last thing we need to know is the type of wood you prefer - Beech, Oak, Ash or cherry.





Step 1.

                  After you have completed the form below, just click on "order"   and this will automatically email me the information I need to fulfill your order.   Then proceed to "Step 2" to complete required deposit.  If you want hardware only, mark that option and forward me the form with that information.  

I will ship the hardware and invoice you at that time.  Any questions on this, just give me a call or email me.  






Order Form
what do you want to order?
Type of wood
Select an option
Hardware ----------- on backorder
Prints and instruction manual ------------$340.00

                                   Cherry        +$300


We have added blueprints to our product selection. Eight pages of 26"x48"  full size detailed and dimensioned drawings to enable you to build your own with the purchase of our hardware kit.  The drawings include a  24 page detailed assembly manual . 


Step 2.       

      After you have submitted your order form, please submit Payment as follows:

                     1.   If you are ordering a kit and hardware,  a $750.00  deposit is required. You can send                                   me your personal check, cashiers check, or certified check using my address as listed

                           in "contact" information.   (Please make check payable to David Clark )   Or you can pay                                 your deposit using Pay Pal.


                           Balance will be due upon completion of the kit.  I will invoice you at that                                                        time outlining the  transaction for your records and showing  the                                                                    balance due on the kit along with the Packing & shipping costs.  


                      2.  If you are ordering hardware, prints or both, full payment is required at the time of                                     your order.                

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